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808 consultancy

No success without structure

From optimal internal processes to a pleasant customer journey and monitoring of your results: no success without structure. It is the foundation to build your company on, the rhythm that makes it all work.Optimisation of existing processes and systems results in a pleasant flow. Just like hip hop’s most popular drum computer, the 808, 808 Consultancy composes a basis. A structure. That’s the beat you can rely on.


Back to base(drum)

You have excellent software, the best tools and great plans. And yet, it doesn’t really come together, resulting in even more work, rather than the convenience you were aiming for. Sounds familiar? We’ve got you covered.That’s when you need to go back to base: make the right connections or redesign processes. Even the smallest changes can make a major difference. Step by step, 808 brings you closer to the structure you need to run a smooth operating business in order to scale up.

Meet Sander

The man behind the beat

Sander – structure – van Eeuwen. A young professional with an eye for optimisation. Critical when necessary, and involved from the very start. Organised, driven and taking you along in what he believes in. He always begins with the end in mind, and makes your work not only more fun, but increasingly more successful!

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Solving problems for breakfast

  • Brings structure, focus and results

Working with Sander


"What I take away from our work together are methods, tools and small exercises easy to use in everyday life and which help a lot while being an entrepreneur"


"I like that you were very straightforward and clear, but at the same time gave me space to do what feels right for me. It was a good balance."


"For me you have become an amazing mentor. I love how your mind works and that you are a visionary, always thinking ahead and seeing the bigger picture."

Let's work together!

Structure starts here

And success too! How can we make your company perform even better? Contact us and 808 will advise you on possible solutions: as simple or complex as necessary and always customised to your needs.

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2020-2024 Copyright by 808 Consultancy. All rights reserved.

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These are the General Terms and Conditions of 808 Consultancy (trading under the names: “808 Consultancy” and “808 Solutions”), established at Von Sieboldstraat 10 in 2771 TL Boskoop, registered under the Chamber of Commerce with number 76105210.
If you have any questions about these General Terms and Conditions, please contact us at legal@808consultancy.com or by mail: 808 Consultancy, Von Sieboldstraat 10 in 2771 TL Boskoop.We reserve the right to change these General Terms and Conditions at any time. You agree that the latest version of these General Terms and Conditions apply to the Assignment. Agreements that deviate from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if they have been laid down in writing.Article 1 – Service
Our service consists of consultancy in the field of finance, internal automation and related services.
Article 2 – Applicability
These General Terms and Conditions apply to every offer, quotation and assignment between 808 Consultancy and you (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”). Upon request, we will send these General Terms and Conditions to you free of charge. The General Terms and Conditions can also be found at www.808consultancy.com.
Article 3 – Conclusion of Assignment
The Assignment is concluded at the moment that 808 Consultancy receives the signed Agreement.
Article 4 – Quotations and offersAll offers and quotations made by 808 Consultancy are without obligation, unless agreed otherwise. A quotation only applies to the specific underlying Assignment (and not to any future assignments).
If the Client provides information to 808 Consultancy, 808 Consultancy may assume that this information is correct and will base its quotation on this information.
Article 5 – Fee
808 Consultancy reserves the right to increase the fee for the service in the interim if unforeseen and cost-increasing circumstances occur after the conclusion of the Assignment.
If 808 Consultancy is forced to increase the fee due to the circumstances mentioned in the previous Article, the Client has the right to terminate the Assignment. Costs or hours already incurred will be charged. The Client is not entitled to compensation or damages in such cases.
The fee is exclusive of any expenses of 808 Consultancy and exclusive of VAT and other government levies.
Article 6 – Payment and collection costs
The Client must always pay within fourteen days of the invoice date. 808 Consultancy will invoice periodically.
If the Client does not pay the invoice on time, they will be in default by operation of law. In that case, the Client will owe the statutory interest (if they are a consumer) or the statutory commercial interest (if they are a company) plus 1%. The interest on the amount due and payable will be calculated from the moment the Client is in default until the moment the amount due and payable in full has been paid.
If the Client is in default, they also owe all extrajudicial collection costs to 808 Consultancy. For an invoice amount up to EUR 267.00, these costs will be EUR 40.00. If the invoice amount is higher, the maximum collection costs are as follows:
15% on the first EUR 2,500.00;
10% on the following part, up to EUR 5,000.00;
5% on the following part, up to EUR 10,000.00;
1% on the following part, up to EUR 200,000.00;
5% on the following part, where the total collection costs amount to a maximum of EUR 6,775.00.
The claim of 808 Consultancy against the Client is immediately due and payable if:
the Client exceeds a payment term;
the Client has been declared bankrupt or has applied for suspension of payment;
the Client (company) is dissolved or liquidated;
the Client (natural person) is placed under guardianship or has died.
Article 7 – Assignment duration
808 Consultancy and the Client conclude the Assignment for an indefinite period of time, unless the Parties agree otherwise.
In the case of an Assignment for an indefinite period of time, the following notice periods apply:
808 Consultancy can terminate the Assignment with effect from the first of the month. The notice period is one month. 808 Consultancy will give notice by registered letter or e-mail.
The Client can terminate the Assignment with effect from the first of the month. The notice period is one month. The Client will give notice by registered letter or e-mail, stating the reason for termination.
The Parties may terminate the Assignment at any time in mutual consultation.
Article 8 – Third parties
808 Consultancy may have work carried out (in part) by third parties. Sections 7:404 (execution by a specific person), 7:407 paragraph 2 (joint and several liability) and 7:409 (death of a specific person) of the Netherlands Civil Code are not applicable.
Article 9 – Execution of Assignment
808 Consultancy will carry out the Assignment to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of professional practice.
808 Consultancy may execute the Assignment in several phases and invoice the executed parts separately.
If 808 Consultancy carries out the Assignment in phases, it may suspend the execution of the parts of a subsequent phase until the Client has approved the results of the previous phase in writing.
The Client ensures that they provide 808 Consultancy with all information or materials necessary for 808 Consultancy to carry out the Assignment in a timely manner.
If the Client fails to provide the necessary information or materials in a timely manner, 808 Consultancy may suspend the execution of the Assignment and invoice the additional costs resulting from the delay. 808 Consultancy is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from the fact that 808 Consultancy has relied on incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Client.
Article 10 – Modification of the Assignment
If during the Assignment it appears that it is necessary to change or supplement the content of the Assignment for its proper execution, the Parties will do so in mutual consultation.
808 Consultancy reserves the right to increase or decrease the agreed fee. 808 Consultancy will (if possible) quote the price in advance. A modification in the Assignment may also change the stated term of execution. The Client accepts the possibility to have the Assignment, price and term of execution modified.
808 Consultancy may refuse a request for modification of the Assignment from the Client, if this may have qualitative or quantitative consequences for the work.
Article 11 – Suspension or dissolution
808 Consultancy may suspend the Assignment if it is temporarily unable to fulfil its obligations due to circumstances (outside its sphere of influence or of which it was unaware).
If compliance is permanently impossible, the Parties may dissolve the Assignment for the part that has not yet been complied with.
808 Consultancy may suspend or dissolve the Assignment if the Client fails to fulfil their obligations, whether full or partial, or fails to fulfil their obligations on time. In that case, the Client must pay 808 Consultancy damages or indemnify 808 Consultancy.
Article 12 – Premature termination
If 808 Consultancy terminates the Assignment prematurely, 808 Consultancy will transfer the work still to be performed to third parties, unless the termination is attributable to the Client. If the transfer of the work involves additional costs for 808 Consultancy, the costs will be for the Client’s account.
808 Consultancy may terminate the Assignment immediately (and is not obliged to pay damages or compensation) in any of the following cases:
the Client exceeds a payment term;
the Client is bankrupt or has applied for suspension of payment;
the Client (company) is dissolved or liquidated;
the Client (natural person) is placed under guardianship or has died;
there is another circumstance as a result of which the Client can no longer freely dispose of their assets.
Article 13 – Force majeure
808 Consultancy does not have to fulfil its obligations in case of force majeure.
808 Consultancy can suspend the obligations from the Assignment during the period that the force majeure continues. If this period lasts longer than one month, both Parties may dissolve the Assignment, without being obliged to pay damages.
If 808 Consultancy has partially fulfilled its obligations and if the fulfilled part has independent value, 808 Consultancy reserves the right to invoice the fulfilled part.
Article 14 – Retention of title
Everything that 808 Consultancy delivers will remain the property of 808 Consultancy until the Client has fulfilled all its obligations in full.
The Client must do everything they can reasonably do to secure the property of 808 Consultancy.
If 808 Consultancy wishes to exercise its property rights, the Client grants unconditional and irrevocable permission to 808 Consultancy to enter all places where the property is located, so that 808 Consultancy can take it back.
Article 15 – Research
The Client must examine the delivered goods at the moment they are made available to them or when the work has been carried out. The Client must examine whether the quality and quantity of the delivered goods are in accordance with what has been agreed and whether they meet the requirements that the Parties have agreed upon.
The Client must notify 808 Consultancy in writing of any defects within thirty days after delivery. Any non-visible defects must be reported in writing to 808 Consultancy thirty days after their discovery. The notification must contain a detailed description of the defect.
Article 16 – Complaints
The Client must report any complaints in writing and within one month.
If the Client submits a complaint on time, this does not suspend their payment obligation.
If the Client reports a complaint later, they are no longer entitled to repair, replacement or compensation.
If it is established that an item is defective and this has been reported in time, 808 Consultancy will replace, repair or compensate the defective item within a reasonable period of time after written notification of the defect by the Client.
If it is established that a complaint is unfounded, the costs incurred by 808 Consultancy as a result (such as research costs) will be entirely for the Client’s account.
Article 17 – Liability
808 Consultancy is only liable for direct damages of the Client, which are the direct and exclusive result of a shortcoming on the part of 808 Consultancy.
808 Consultancy is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the fact that it has relied on incorrect or incomplete information provided by the Client.
The liability of 808 Consultancy is always limited to the assignment value.
The liability of 808 Consultancy is in any case limited to the amount paid out by its insurer in that case.
The limitations of liability included in this Article do not apply if the damage is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of 808 Consultancy.
Article 18 – Privacy Statement
808 Consultancy protects your personal data. You can find our Privacy Statement on our website.
Article 19 – Limitation period
The limitation period for all claims and defences against 808 Consultancy is one year.
Article 20 – Indemnification
The Client indemnifies 808 Consultancy against any claims from third parties who suffer damage as a result of the execution of the Assignment and whose cause cannot be attributed to 808 Consultancy.
If third parties address 808 Consultancy, the Client will assist 808 Consultancy both out of court and in court and will do everything that can be expected from them in that case.
If the Client does not take any measures, 808 Consultancy may do so itself. All costs and damages incurred by 808 Consultancy as a result will be entirely at the expense and risk of the Client.
Article 21 – Confidentiality
Unless there is a legal or professional obligation to disclose, 808 Consultancy will keep all information of the Client confidential from third parties.
808 Consultancy will not use the information provided by the Client for any other purpose than that for which it was obtained, except if 808 Consultancy is part of a procedure where these documents may be of importance.
The Client will not disclose the content of agreements, assignment confirmations, quotations, reports, advice or other expressions of 808 Consultancy, written or otherwise, and will ensure that third parties do not see the content thereof.
Article 22 – Invalidity
If any part of these General Terms and Conditions is null and void or voidable, this will not affect the validity of the remainder of the Agreement. The void or null part will be replaced by a provision that follows as much as possible the content of the void provision.
Article 23 – Conflicting provision
In the event that these General Terms and Conditions and the Agreement contain conflicting terms and conditions, the terms and conditions included in the Agreement will apply.
Article 24 – Applicable law
The Agreement will be governed by Dutch law.
Article 25 – Competent court
District Court of The Hague.


808 Consultancy, established at Von Sieboldstraat 10 in 2771 TL Boskoop, is the Data Controller as described in this Privacy Statement.
Contact details:
Von Sieboldstraat 102771 TL BoskoopSander van Eeuwen is the Data Protection Officer of 808 Consultancy. He can be reached via legal@808consultancy.com.What personal data we process
808 Consultancy processes your personal data because you make use of our services and/or because you provide these data to us yourself.
Below you will find an overview of the personal data we process:First and last name;
Address details;
Telephone number;
E-mail address;
IP address;
Other personal data that you actively provide, for example by creating a profile on this website, in the correspondence and by telephone;
Location data;
Data about your activities on our website;
Data about your surfing behaviour on different websites (e.g. because this company is part of an advertising network);
List of customer contact details via an app;
Internet browser and device type;
Bank account number.
Special and/or sensitive personal data that we process
Our website and/or service has no intention of collecting data about website visitors under the age of 16, unless they have permission from their parents or guardians. However, we cannot verify whether a visitor is over the age of 16 years. We therefore recommend that parents be involved in the online activities of their underage children, or the children they have custody of, in order to prevent the collection of data about children without parental or guardian consent. If you believe that we have collected personal data about a minor without that consent, please contact us at legal@808consultancy.com and we will delete these data.
Why do we use your personal data and on the basis of what legal grounds?
808 Consultancy uses your personal data for the following purposes:
To handle your payment;
To send you our newsletter;
To be able to call or e-mail you if this is necessary to carry out our services;
To inform you about our service and product changes;
To enable you to create an account;
808 Consultancy analyses your behaviour on the website in order to improve the website and tailor the range of products and services to your preferences;
808 Consultancy follows your surfing behaviour on various websites in order to tailor our products and services to your needs.
808 Consultancy also processes personal data if we are legally obliged to do so, such as data we need for our tax return.
Automated decision-making
808 Consultancy takes decisions on matters that may have (significant) consequences for individuals on the basis of automated processing. These are decisions that are made by computer programs or systems, without a human being (for example an employee of 808 Consultancy) in between.
How long we store your personal data
808 Consultancy stores your personal data no longer than is strictly necessary to realise the purposes for which your data are collected. We apply the legal retention periods.
Sharing personal data with third parties
808 Consultancy will not sell your data to third parties and will only provide these data if this is necessary for the execution of our agreement with you or to comply with a legal obligation. We enter into an agreement with companies that process your data on our behalf in order to ensure the same level of security and confidentiality of your data. 808 Consultancy remains responsible for these processing operations.
Cookies, or similar techniques we use
808 Consultancy uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone the first time you visit this website. 808 Consultancy uses cookies with a purely technical functionality. They ensure that the website works properly and that, for example, your preferred settings are remembered. These cookies are also used to make the website work properly and to optimise it. In addition, we place cookies that track your surfing behaviour so that we can offer customised content and advertisements.
When you first visited our website, we already informed you about these cookies and asked your permission to place them. You can unsubscribe from cookies by setting your internet browser to no longer store cookies. In addition, you can also delete all information previously stored via your browser settings. Cookies are also placed on this website by third parties. These are, for example, advertisers and/or social media companies.Access, rectify or delete your personal data
You have the right to access, rectify or delete your personal data. In addition, you have the right to withdraw your consent for the data processing or to object to the processing of your personal data by 808 Consultancy. In addition, you have the right to data transfer. This means that you can submit a request to us to send the personal data we have about you in a computer file to you or another organisation named by you.
You can send a request for access, rectification, deletion, transfer of your personal data or request to withdraw your consent or objection to the processing of your personal data to legal@808consultancy.com.To ensure that the request for access has been made by you, we ask you to send a copy of your identity document with the request. Make your passport photo, MRZ (machine readable zone, the strip with numbers at the bottom of the passport), passport number and the Citizen Service Number (BSN, Burgerservicenummer) black in this copy. This is to protect your privacy. We respond to your request as quickly as possible, but at the latest within four weeks.808 Consultancy would also like to point out that you have the possibility to file a complaint with the competent authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). This can be done via the following link: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/How we secure your personal data
808 Consultancy takes your data protection seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised modification. If you feel that your data is not properly protected or there are indications of misuse, please contact us at legal@808consultancy.com.


By visiting this website of 808 Consultancy, you accept the following terms and conditions.This website has been designed and composed with the utmost care. Nevertheless, it may happen that the website contains incorrect and/or incomplete information and/or does not work properly. 808 Consultancy and its employees are not liable for incorrect and/or incomplete information on the website, nor for the existence of viruses and/or – other – harmful software on the website, nor for – other – damage-causing use or (in)accessibility of the website.This website contains hyperlinks to third party websites. This allows 808 Consultancy to provide additional information. However, 808 Consultancy has no control over the content of these websites. 808 Consultancy is therefore not responsible for this content and accepts no liability for (direct or indirect) damage or loss that you may suffer by visiting these sites or webpages.The content of this website, such as texts, images, photos, videos, buttons, logos, graphic elements and software is the property of 808 Consultancy or its licensors and is protected under Dutch and international copyright laws. The composition, content and structure of this 808 Consultancy site is protected by copyright. None of these contents may be reproduced and/or published in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the 808 Consultancy management.Brand names and logos of other parties used on the website are owned by these parties. 808 Consultancy uses the software of the parties, but is in no way affiliated with the underlying companies.808 Consultancy reserves the right to modify the present text. Any changes will immediately take effect when they are placed on this website. In this disclaimer, 808 Consultancy also includes, as far as applicable, the (legal) persons for the benefit of which this website serves.Only Dutch law applies to visiting and using this website. Disputes arising from this disclaimer will be submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.If you encounter problems on our website, please let us know. We will do our best to remedy this as soon as possible. For questions or remarks about the use of this website, please contact us at info@808consultancy.com